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Surya Spa

Designing bespoke modules & optimising the Surya Spa eCommerce Site
CRO and UX Design
February 2021
Charlotte Brodie
Jack Thake
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Project Brief

Using the existing Shopify site as a basis, we took a strategic look at Surya Spa's website and how best to improve it. Starting with a web audit, we performed a series of improvements, introducing new key features to boost conversion.

Why a web audit?

  1. Better understand the consumer journey through the Surya Spa  site
  2. Increase online customer / subscription database

  3. To discover areas where we can improve the site functionality and brand look and feel
  4. Educate target audience about the Surya Spa brand and emphasise their USP

  5. To work with Surya Spa to improve their conversion and e-commerce success

Key findings

  1. Overall growth of the brand is very positive, particularly since the launch of the new site.
  2. Traffic on mobile has dropped but since the ecommerce element was introduced and mobile traffic exceeds desktop.
  3. The new vs returning user ratio is at 84:16 with returning users generating more revenue.
  4. Key opportunity: Increase conversion rate, particularly on mobile devices
  5. Key opportunity: Increasing the average order value
  6. The bounce rate on the site is currently at 32% which is fairly low.

Our proposal

  1. Content optimisation: More information on the hero for new users who may not necessarily know who Surya Spa is.
  2. Introduce the products with a short description - highlight ingredients and benefits that will resonate with your audience
  3. Introducing product category carousels within the first couple of folds to inform users of the range of products available.
  4. Considering the ingredient conscious audience, optimise the product archive filters so users can find exactly what they need.
  5. Restructuring the mini cart to encourage users to add upsells and complete purchase through competitive delivery options.
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